How tall and narrow industrial style desks are made in the UK

The industrial idea

The first industrial style desK was invented by John Loughlin in Ohio and the desks were made for school purposes. For that reason, the desks were referred to as school desks. What were to follow over the subsequent years were the differences in materials used, different designs implemented and different functions. For example, there are ergonomics designed desks, multi-functionality desks and desks of any color.

  industrial style desk

Narrow Desks

Industrial style desk and furniture for your home décor serve to add some needed ruggedness that is only comparable to the appeal of antique and vintage furniture. Subsequently, some of the main factors to be considered in selecting an industrial desk for your use include;

I.  Design

There have been great calls for the design and development of ergonomic desks. The ergonomic design of industrial desks is greatly favored because it offers you a better posture to be able to perform long and arduous tasks while seated.

Meaning that by using the ergonomic desks at the home or office, you can be able to avoid shoulder, neck, wrist and back injuries or discomfort. Doctors greatly recommend the use of ergonomic desks.

II.  Use

The industrial desk can be designed and used for a number of purposes and as a result you must be able to consider its main purpose.

If the industrial desk serves the purpose of a workstation, then you must make sure that the desk is able to handle various items and is compartmentalized. That is for the purpose of storing safely computer components and other work station items.

  narrow industrial desk

For administrative uses, the narrow industrial desk must be able to shelve and store essential documents and records. An auxiliary cabinet space will definitely be advantageous here.

III.  Materials used

Narrow Industrial desks are often made with a combination of different materials and sometimes just a single material. The combination of materials makes the desks more visually appealing and also more durable.

Solid wood desks are popular as they are the most aesthetically appealing apart from the fact that wood is readily available and is a renewable resource. Some wood desks are even more expensive than metal or steel desks. The main disadvantage of wood desks is that they are not more appropriate for the rigors of heavy use.


Tall Styles

To make the wood more durable, resistance to heat and chemicals, a pressure laminate is often applied. Furthermore, the applied pressure laminate to the wood makes the desk possess antibacterial properties. For the reasons given, these types of tall industrial desk would be more suitable in a commercial kitchen, for a lab or healthcare facility.

Metal or steel industrial style desk are also popular because they often present the more “industrial” appearance. The desks are more suited for heavy-duty use and are more durable unlike wood desks.

You can always build industrial desks for your own use or for selling if you have the necessary skills. Of course that will save you a great deal amount of money that could have been spent in purchasing expensive desks apart from getting the exact desk for your needs.

Supplies can be bought from a number of local stores and online stores. You probably know the supplies that will be needed if you have the experience and they include reclaimed wood, screws, drills, joiner, hammer and a saw.

In conclusion, the supplies and tools for making tall industrial desks can be found under the home improvement section of most online stores most notably eBay. You must look for sellers that are highly rated, have many positive reviews, and are located next to your location.